Steinway Model H Ebonized Upright piano

Steinway Model H

Upright Piano

A Steinway Model H upright piano in heavily carved substantial ebonized case with monumental design cabinet legs and pillars, panelwork, ivory keys, ebony accidentals and nickel silver fittings. Piano in excellent playing order throughout having been completely rebuilt by the workshops of Messrs Steinway in London in the past.  The piano is presently tuned to concert pitch A440 and the tuning pins and plank are good throughout. A top-notch instrument. Don't dither all your life, want it then act NOW!. The instrument was made in 1894 and has a known provenance having been in a society family since new until acquired by ourselves. 

PRICE : £4750


HEIGHT : 50" WIDTH : 59" DEPTH : 27"

Only the very finest...

Suitable for pianists of all abilities, professional or amateur, this is a superb all-round instrument. Superb dynamic playing control, a thunderous bass, sparking treble clarity, a case to impress. A piano to lift up any soul.

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STEINWAY Model H 1894 10
STEINWAY Model H 1894 11
STEINWAY Model H 1894 12
STEINWAY Model H 1894 13
STEINWAY Model H 1894 09


The current price of this instrument is £4750. Should you require anything additional we shall be pleased to discuss and accommodate your requirements. Price includes : 

* Delivery

* Warranty

* Tuning

* Piano stool

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