2022 Sheraton Revival Antique Hopkinson Piano 1904



This is a Sheraton Revival style artcase Hopkinson piano from 1905. The case is satinwood with mahogany with fine inlays and banding and carving all over. This is the ultimate high-point of the British Edwardian fine cabinet maker's art. It doesn't get any better than this. A golden opportunity to own a golden piano from the Golden Age. The keyboard is original ivory and excellent. The piano has been maintained throughout the instruments life and plays exquisitely and is to A440 concert pitch. The high-quality piano action is overstrung with underdampers. Do you know anyone else with a fine piano like this in their home? Would you like to be the one with the piano people talk about? Give us a call 07481702702 and we can arrange it.




W 138cm D 68cm H 128cm