2020 Chappell Upright Piano


Upright Piano

A lovely Chappell overstrung and underdamper upright piano with a good dark mahogany case and ivory and ebony keys. A superb piano action in good playing order throughout. Tuned to concert pitch with good tuning stability and strings. 


HEIGHT : 124cm WIDTH : 152cm DEPTH : 62cm


The old world charm and grace of this instrument are a simple pure delight. Suitable for pianists of all abilities, this is a good all-round instrument.

CHAPPELL upright piano 1930s 08
CHAPPELL upright piano 1930s 10
CHAPPELL upright piano 1930s 09
STARTER PIANO 2019 Decor Piano Green Forgetmenots


The current price of this instrument is £945. Should you require anything additional we shall be pleased to discuss and accommodate your requirements. Price includes : 

  • Standard local delivery.
  • Piano Stool
  • Complimentary tuning
  • Warranty

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