2024 Orchestrion nickelodeon piano



A finest-quality upright Steck Pianola Piano retrofitted with the an American O-roll player system. Everything works and the music thunders forth! There are 18 multitune music rolls included each of which plays approx 25 minutes. In addition to the piano the system has mandolin rail, triangle, woodblock, tambourine, snare drum, bass drum and cymbal. You can also play the super resonant piano by hand. Full 7 1/4 octave Concert compass keyboard with overstrung under-damper piano action. The instrument has been fully technician checked and regulated , test played, tuned to A440 concert pitch.    Case in original condition mahogany. Suitable for home, man cave, cafe etc. 


Dimensions : H=124cm W=145cm D=67cm.

An ideal all-round instrument