2023 Aeolian Duo-Art Pianola player piano restored




A finest-quality upright Aeolian Pianola Piano fitted with their Duo-Art reproducing action. The piano has been completely restrung throughout. A complete new set of hammers has been fitted and the piano action completely overhauled and rebuilt. The Pianola mechanism has been completely rebuilt and all the bellows exhauster unit and peripheral mechanisms and roll motor have been rebuilt together with all the internal valves etc and new tubing throughout. The instrument plays exquisitely by hand or by roll. The instrument plays automatically via Duo-Art rolls or under personal hand-control from the dynamic levers. A good quantity of both Duo-Art and regular piano rolls are included. Full 7 1/4 octave Concert compass keyboard with overstrung under-damper piano action. The instrument has been fully technician checked and regulated , test played, tuned to A440 concert pitch.    Case in fully re-polished condition (French-polished Mahogany) and a superb intrument. Suitable for all pianists up to professional standard. 


incl delivery, warranty, tuning, special Pianola stool, music rolls

Dimensions : H=124cm W=145cm D=67cm.

An ideal all-round instrument