2022 Julius Pfaffe Pietra Dura Iris upright piano



The richness of a piano's bass notes are determined by the string length. Large grand pianos having the longest bass string lengths have the richest deepest sonorities. However, an uncommon and very worthy beast is the large upright concert piano whose huge bass string lengths are equivalent to a medium large grand piano. Why throw out the furniture for a big grand when you can have the same rich sound from a tall upright? 

The deeply carved case is bounded by architectural elements with pillars and deep carved art nouveau arms. The instrument has a beautifully graceful black ebonized case and fine original ivory keys. The front panels are highest quality "Pietra Dura" semi-precious stone artwork inlays with white flag iris and narcissus. 

The instrument is overstrung and underdamped. We have fully overhauled the piano action which has previously been fully rebuilt.  



incl warranty, delivery, complimentary tuning


HEIGHT : 53 1/2" WIDTH : 60" DEPTH : 25 1/2"