2022 Gabriel Gaveau 1925 Art Deco upright piano



An excellent Gaveau instrument from the moment of the Arts Decoratif Exposition in Paris where art deco exploded out onto the world arts and design scene. The case is triple-toned being comprised of rosewood, walnut and oak. A pair of double sconces are the epitome of Parisian mid-20s art deco chic. The keyboard is finest ivory and ebony. Harmonically the piano benefits from the special Gaveau overstrung frame design and 1924 patent soundboard and frame adjusting system. A full technician overhaul has been undertaken and the instrument has a scintillating tonality tuned to A440 concert pitch.

Dimensions: H=121cm W=142cm D=60cm

SALE PRICE : £1750.00

includes delivery warranty & tuning + stool