2022 Challen Multitone upright mandolin piano oak



An incredibly rare example of the much sought-after MultiTone piano made by Challen of London. The third pedal on the far left operates a mandolin rail system. Using the pedal enable a range of additional musical effects to be created in addition to the regular piano tone. This model is perhaps best known for its presence in the Abbey Road Studios where it was used on may recordings in the 1960s onwards and was sold recently for a six-figure sum. This MutiTone has a Studio type front fitted providing a full width music desk. The casework is robust British oak in a light natural yellow shade. Full original Ivorette standard-compass keyboard with a quality straight strung under-damper piano action. The instrument has been technician refurbished, extensively test played, and is tuned to A440 concert pitch. A powerful sweet instrument with a ton of interesting character.

PRICE:  £1,495.00


W 136cm D 62cm H 107cm