2020 Zender Compact Upright piano



This instrument is a 1960s British-built Zender Compact piano with a warm resonant tone. The piano action has been refurbished, is overstrung and underdamped, has a good tuning plank with tight pins, has been overhauled and regulated by ourselves. The 7-octave keyboard is tuned to A440 concert pitch.

DIMENSION : Width = 128cm HEIGHT = 100cm DEPTH = 50cm

Nurturing your talent

Every piano pupil deserves the best instrument to learn upon. If you are paying for music lessons to reap the full benefit you need a good starter piano at home. This upright has everything you need to start you on the path towards years of piano playing pleasure. 

ZENDER compact upright 08
ZENDER compact upright 07
ZENDER compact upright 06
STARTER PIANO 2019 Decor Piano Green Forgetmenots


The current price of this instrument is £699. Should you require anything additional we shall be pleased to discuss and accommodate your requirements. Price includes : 

  • Standard local delivery.
  • Complimentary tuning
  • Warranty

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