Schimmel Piano Modelle 112 Barok


Model 112 Baroque


A finest quality contemporary Schimmel upright in a white finish with gold detailing to the baroque styled casework. Full 88-note concert keyboard with a quality overstrung under-damper piano action. The lid opens like a grand, the keyboard fall is of the grand type, the music desk folds out and is illuminated with two electric lamps complete with Venetian half-shades in vellum with velvet edging. The instrument has been technician refurbished, extensively test played, tuned to A440 concert pitch. A practice pedal is fitted to this piano to permit a reduced playing volume for the busy sound-sensitive modern domestic environment.




say a great many folk when they set eyes on a contemporary modern piano in a white finish such as this. Live the dream then at an affordable price! The great name and trusted build quality of Schimmel, our expert technician regulating - you can have it all.


This piano packs a lot of punch for its size and is superb for the average household. The instrument dates from 1988 and the casework overall is very good. The instrument is tuned to A440 concert pitch. Suitable for pianists of all abilities, this is a good all-round instrument.



The current price of this instrument is £SOLD. Should you require anything additional we shall be pleased to discuss and accomodate your requirments. Price includes :


  • Standard delivery.
  • Full complimentary in-home tuning.
  • No quibble action warranty.
  • Piano stool.



Pianos are chosen as much as by the eye as by the ear. Not only do we want you to take home a fine instrument that will compliment your residence but we want you to own an instrument you are happy listening to for years to come. We deliberately strive to stock not only a range of visually stunning instruments, but also instruments that will enchant your ear. A visit to our showrooms in person is always a surprise as the sound of a particular piano may unexpectedly elicit a fond childhood reminiscence or catch you as being suited precisely to the style of music you love the most.

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