Challen 1937 chic Art Deco black piano



Not the common Odeonesque art deco Challen - here is a very rare chic sleek late 1937 design in original gloss black polish with immaculate keys and geometric brass pedals. Art deco legs too! This looks like it just waltzed straight off the film set of a Fred Astaire musical. Piano regulated and playing very well. Tuned to concert pitch A440.

Dimensions : H=116cm W=146cm D=63cm

SALE PRICE : £995.00 incl delivery and stool


It has character, a voice of its own and 1930s grace. Too many modern instruments possess almost idential non-descript tones. Here is an instrument with a strong character both in looks and sound. A chic deco statement piece for any fine home. Suitable for pianists of all abilities, this is a good all-round instrument for amateur, professional, classical and jazz.

Width = 57 inches Height = 48 inches Depth = 24 inches

Challen Art Deco piano 1937


The current price of this instrument is £995. Should you require anything additional we shall be pleased to discuss and accommodate your requirements. Price includes : 

  • Standard delivery.
  • Full complimentary in-home tuning.
  • No quibble action warranty.
  • Piano stool.

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