1844 Artcase Upright

Serial Number 5949 - a collector's piece. Museum-quality and exceptional, this unique Broadwood Cottage Pianoforte, Patent Boudoir Model, Upright Piano, built in 1844, is functional as well as well as an amazing piece of history. Nine years before Steinway & Sons was founded this piano was built by the oldest pianomaker in the world - John Broadwood & Sons in their Horseferry Road, London workshops and shipped from there in a special packing case by way of the Great Western Railway from Paddington Station to Hodge Brothers, a dealer in Bristol on 19th October, 1844. It was the most expensive upright instrument made by Broadwood that year, retailing at £80 guineas (about £60,000 in today's money). Veneered in Hungarian Ash, the elegant cabinet with a six octave keyboard supported on columns surmounted with acanthus leaves has an very unusual curved base and two wooden pedals. The top and bottom doors have fretted inserts backed with what appears to be the original pink silk lining. The back posts are also veneered in Hungarian Ash and the back has the original knifepleated and boxpleated fabric. The keys are original ivory which is in excellent condition and the fronts are boxwood. This wooden-framed piano is strung bichord throughout and this coupled with the small hammers gives the instrument a sweet, soft tone and a true unachorda when the soft pedal is used. The soundboard and bridges are in good condition and the original oblong pins are tight. The cabinet has some signs of woodworm around the legs, but this is old and has been treated and does not detract from the overall breath-taking look of the instrument. The cabinet has been cleaned, the action removed and checked and some very minor conservation work has been done but this instrument is in a near-original condition. All the notes play and the piano is currently in tune with itself, but below pitch. Please click on any of the pictures to see a large version in a new window. World-wide shipping is available for this instrument - please enquire.


It has character, a voice of its own and old world charm all in one case. Since we took delivery of this instrument everybody who sees it falls in love with it. But only one person will be the next owner - will that be you? .


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