Bechstein Model V Grand Piano for sale



A first-rate Bechstein model V grand piano. Completely overhauled by Steinway in London in 1991 and fitted with new hammers and new dampers throughout. The piano remained in careful storage until 2018 when we acquired it. We have gone over the work and additionally fitted a complete new set of key leads throughout and regulated the mechanism to playing perfection. The casework is original ebonized black and generally in excellent order for its age. Original tuned legs and original fretwork desk with brass fittings, thoughout, ivory and ebony original keyboard in excellent order.. Full 88-note concert keyboard and tuned to A440 concert pitch. Come try her out! 

Length 6' 3" : Width 58ins.  

SALE PRICE : £7,650

includes delivery warranty & tuning + stool


say a great many folk when they set eyes on an elegant baby grand piano such as this. Live the dream then at an affordable price! The great name and trusted build quality, our expert technician refurb - you can have it all.

This piano is a top-tier first rate instrument for the serious player. The instrument dates from 1901 having had a full Steinway overhaul in 1991and further work by ourselves in 2018. The instrument is tuned to A440 concert pitch. Suitable for pianists of all abilities, this is a good all-round professional grade instrument. Ideal for a fine home or a fine venue.


The current price of this instrument is £7,650. Should you require anything additional we shall be pleased to discuss and accomodate your requirments. Price includes : 

  • Standard delivery.
  • Full complimentary in-home tuning.
  • No quibble action warranty.
  • Piano stool.

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