B Squire Burr Walnut Upright Piano for sale



A very fine late Victorian quintessentially British instrument is a complete exposition of the British Arts & Crafts design movement. The natural designs of foliage are reflected in two central panels. The case displays the natural beauty and simplicity of burr walnut. The candle sconces follow a naturalistic style and incised gilt panels offset the rest of the case. The full 7-octave keyboard's original natural ivory has been painstakingly restored to its true magnificence. The piano is a high quality vertical-strung under-damper piano action. The instrument has been technician refurbished, extensively test played, and is tuned to A440 concert pitch. A powerful sweet instrument with a ton of interesting character. Dimensions : W 138cm D 63cm H 130cm

Sweet sound of home

When you hear the sound of your family playing and enjoying this big hearted instrument you will know the sound of home. This piano has been fully regulated and refurbished by ourselves and is good to go once again.  The instrument is tuned to A440 concert pitch. Suitable for pianists of all abilities, this is a superb all-round instrument.

B Squire Burr Walnut Upright Piano for sale


The current price of this instrument is £950. Should you require anything additional we shall be pleased to discuss and accommodate your requirements. Price includes : 

  • Standard delivery.
  • Full complimentary in-home tuning.
  • No quibble action warranty.
  • Piano stool.

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